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Brendan Anderson

Joe Cahill : A Life in the IRA

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ISBN: 0862788366
Издательство: University of Wisconsin Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 368
Book DescriptionBorn in Belfast in 1920, Joe Cahill was an IRA man motivated by this ambition all his life. IRA activists rarely speak about their lives or their organization, but here Cahill gives his full and frank story, his viewpoint, his experiences-from death row in Northern Ireland in the 1940s to Washington and the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. This is the story of an extraordinary journey: Cahill's own life mirrors the growth, changes, and development of the republican movement as a wholethrough more than sixty years of intense involvement. This book is distributed for O'Brien Press, Dublin and is for sale only in the United States, it's territories and dependencies, Canada, and the Philippines.