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Ravi Singavarapu

Sonia Gandhi Through a Different Lens

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ISBN: 1596820594
Издательство: Fultus Corporation
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 116
Book DescriptionIt is a fascinating book about a fascinating personality written in a fascinating fashion. That sums it all. Sir Dr. Ravi Singavarapu has succeeded in weaving magic with his pen. He brings out the interesting aspects of Sonia Gandhi's life and personality in an interesting manner. In 'Meeting Clinton', 'Meeting Musharraf' and 'Meeting the Russian President' he talks of the instances when she met each of them. In 'New Definition of Sacrifice' he brings out the way in which she sacrificed the highest post. Sonia Gandhi's tastes, habits, traits and even policies are brought out interestingly by Sir Ravi Singavarapu. It is indeed an interesting read. Enjoy.