Обложка книги Abraham Lincoln and a Nation Worth Fighting for

Abraham Lincoln and a Nation Worth Fighting for

ISBN: 0803289944;
Издательство: Bison Books
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionThe many sides of Abraham Lincoln?war leader, humorist, commander in chief, politician, and emancipator?are vividly depicted in this concise and fresh look at his presidential years. Pivotal events, decisions, and issues in Lincoln?s private and public life are scrutinized and explained clearly by noted historian James A. Rawley. During an innovative yet bloody era marked by mass communication, unheard-of national recognition and media attention, and the increasingly destructive uses of technology to wage war, Lincoln did all that he could to preserve the nation as a whole. Principles underpinning Lincoln?s actions and motivations as administrator and war leader included an abiding spirit of nationalism, which contrasted with the forces driving his immediate predecessors, and the encompassing power conferred upon him as commander in chief in wartime. Accessible and informative, Abraham Lincoln and a Nation Worth Fighting For is an engaging and...

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