Обложка книги Alexander the Great : Man and God

Alexander the Great : Man and God

ISBN: 0582772249;
Издательство: Longman
Страниц: 320

Book DescriptionHe conquered most of the known world and thought himself a god. However, he also died a paranoid, alocholic wreck at the age of 33...after which his entire empire collapsed. So, just how great was Alexander? Hardback was - very- successful. Paperback to be released same time as new Colin Farrell film New material in the paperback on the army and Alexander's treatment of exiles Huge interest in ancient world at the moment driven by Gladiator, Troy andmultifarious TV programmes and of course specific films and TV on Alexander the Great. There are two new Hollywood films of his life in production. Accessibly written for general reader, not scholar New portrait of the single most important figure of the ancient world - reveals the real Alexander, waste and all. Fascinating account of a massively colourful if ultimately destructive life Provides new interpretations of the question of Alexander's...