Обложка книги Between Faith and History: A Biography of J. A Kufuor

Between Faith and History: A Biography of J. A Kufuor

ISBN: 1592211283;
Издательство: Africa World Press
Страниц: 136

Book DescriptionThe road to John Agyekum Kufuor?s presidency was tortuous and reflects Ghana?s political history, which since Kwame Nkrumah led to independence in 1957 and had been dominated by military interventions and dictatorships. Groomedfor this job by some of Ghana?s first generation politician, Kufuor became Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Ghana at 30 after attending Oxford University. And he has since known no other profession. Woven in politics of Ghana especially the 1990s in which he was a major player, Kufuor?s election to the high office was also critical for democratic development in Ghana. Since 1957, there has never been a successful transition of power from one government to another, without some disruption?and this book captures some of those momentous events as well. "A good biography reveals not only the life of its subjects but also the times in which the person lived. If the biography is of a politician, the book should...