Обложка книги Jefferson and Monroe

Jefferson and Monroe

ISBN: 1882886216;
Издательство: Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Страниц: 80

Book DescriptionFrom the moment Governor Thomas Jefferson handpicked a young soldier named James Monroe to serve as an aide during the Revolutionary War, a vital friendship and political alliance was born. Beginning as sponsor and protAgA but soon becoming equals, Jefferson and Monroe forged a rich relationship that shaped our history in the early days of the republic. During this critical period, both men served as governor of Virginia, minister to France, secretary of state, and president fortwo terms. Their lives overlapped even more clearly through shared friendships with individuals such as James Madison; shared interests, such as the creation of the University of Virginia; and shared missions, including the completion of the Louisiana Purchase. In time, the two even became neighbors, creating a "society to our taste" near Charlottesville, Virginia. Rather than offering a dual biography, renowned Jefferson scholar Noble E. Cunningham traces the story of Jefferson and...