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Hung-Hsin Chen

Comparative Analysis and Benchmarking: Corporate Strategy Analysis of Four International Pharmaceutical Companies

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ISBN: 158112189X
Издательство: Dissertation.Com.
This research of corporate strategy analysis implements comparative analysis and benchmarking to analyse and examine the corporate strategy of the pharmaceutical sectors of 4 international pharmaceutical companies. Most existing studies of pharmaceutical industry have been limited to some specific fields such as the R&D ability, new products launch time, acquisitions, and alliances. Little has been known about the analysis of corporate strategy and comparison of pharmaceutical industry by both internal and external factors. On the other hand, the comparative strategy and benchmarking have been frequently applied in analysing the corporate strategy mostly in public service industries, in financial and accounting industry, and in insurance industry. Little has been applied to examine and analyse the corporate strategy of research-based industries such as pharmaceutical industry. This research aims to fill the gap by implementing these two techniques to analyse and examine the corporate...