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Memoir of a Modern Opium Eater

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ISBN: 1589610652
Издательство: Et Cetera Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 236
Book DescriptionAN INDISPENSABLE TALE for anyone who has ever succumbed to a pernicious addiction, only to have it consume one's entire existence, the Memoir of a Modern Opium Eater both lifts the reader into the firmament of drug-induced rapture and drags him through the muck of the addict's withdrawals. In the tradition of the semi-fictionalized confessional such as James Weldon Johnson's Autobiography and Joyce's Portrait of the Artist, McVea's Memoir tells the allegorical story of the modern Opium-Eater: a personality plagued by repetitive mnemonic traumas, redeemed by an "omnipotent anodyne" long thought eradicated from the country, and inevitably crushed by the trappings of his indulgent lifestyle. Tagging along with him on his journey from "like age naught" through to early adulthood, the reader shares in the narrator's poetically narrated opium-induced ecstasies as well as his nauseatingly vivid descriptions of addictive horrors revealed in the book's final section,...