Обложка книги Thomas Jefferson (The American Statesmen Series)

Thomas Jefferson (The American Statesmen Series)

ISBN: 1581824092;
Издательство: Cumberland House Publishing
Страниц: 254

Book DescriptionOriginally published in 1898, Thomas Jefferson is a classic biography of the man who so deeply ingrained the republican ideals of the Founding Fathers into American society. As such, it is the kind of work that avoids the trap of noticingeverything that went unnoticed in the past while failing to notice all that the past deemed notable. Immediately lauded by the critics when it was first published, John T. Morse?s biography of Jefferson was embraced by the reading public. Today, itsrepublication is an welcome opportunity to remind leaders today of the great story of liberty that enabled the young American nation to become an undisputed world power and a beacon of freedom to oppressed peoples everywhere. Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant and complex man who was practically born into America?s ruling elite. He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses, in the Continental Congress, as ambassador to the French court, as governor of Virginia, as secretary of...