Обложка книги Baby Catcher

Baby Catcher


ISBN: 1579216803;
Издательство: Pleasant Word
Страниц: 108

Book DescriptionExcept for the grace of God I wouldn?t be writing this book. In fact, I wouldn?t be here at all. The doctors had told my mother she should abort her pregnancy. She had contracted German measles and they felt I would surely be blind, deaf, or mentally retarded. I wrote this little book to share some of my most memorable experiences delivering babies. I believe these stories show the humanity of the unborn child and that God has great mercy and love for the unborn child and mother. Perhaps someone reading these stories might choose to carry their pregnancy instead of aborting or perhaps place the baby for adoption. If you are pregnant, scared, and alone, remember that you are not alone. God is with you and loves you.