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Father Flanagan's Legacy

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ISBN: 1889322563
Издательство: Boys Town Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 150
Book DescriptionIn 1917, Father Edward J. Flanagan founded his Home for Boys. But it became far more than a simple home for orphans because of the unique character and bold, forward-looking principles of its founder. As the reputation of Boys Town grew, Flanagan became a fierce advocate for children on the national and then international stage. In the words of Flanagan and others, this book recounts his defense of the disadvantaged in many settings - children from abusive or neglectful homes, African-Americans excluded from full rights of citizenship, young boys and girls "sentenced" to the notorious Irish industrial schools, interned Japanses-American families, and World War II orphans. The remarkable story of Father Flanagan is a legacy that has the power to inspire and instruct us yet today.