Обложка книги Hurry Up Son!

Hurry Up Son!

ISBN: 0805962417;
Издательство: Dorrance Publishing Co.
Страниц: 122

Book DescriptionHurry Up Son! Searching for Divine Truth is a report on the author?s lifelong search for spiritual truth, beginning at age eleven when a preacher confused him about finding Jesus Christ at the church altar. His experiences start with an unorthodox sex education curriculum in an adolescent Sunday school class and proceed through bombing missions over Germany in World War II, marriage, four terms as a Presbyterian church elder, and serving as Sunday school superintendent hoping that would help him to discover the elusive "Jesus experience." Other subject explored include Egyptian hieroglyphics, ancient mysteries, the origins of Christian traditions, numeric symbolism in churches, Masonic ideals, and Paul?s teaching of "themystery, which is Christ in you." The author concludes Hurry Up Son! Searching for Divine Truth by advocating that everyone should consider Christian teachings, because wisdom from Christianity?s ancient syncretic sources will...