Обложка книги S Is for Saints

S Is for Saints

ISBN: 0809166933;
Издательство: Paulist Press
Страниц: 64

Book DescriptionSo many saints' books use art as old as the subjects themselves. This gorgeous collection of short biographies uses all-new, icon-like portraits that are digitally colored. The result combines the familiarity of tradition with a fresh contemporary appeal. In keeping with this, biographies of the best-known and loved saints are interspersed throughout with surprisingly different choices. Perfect for home or school, S is for Saints includes the lives of twenty-six male and twenty-six femalesaints, one for each letter of the alphabet. It explains briefly why and how someone is declared a saint.It also includes lists of patron saints of people, problems, and countries from among the entries and encourages children to find out more about their faith. This book works beautifully as both a reference book and a handsome gift.