Обложка книги Saint Augustine's Sin (Augustine, Confessiones. Bk. 3.)

Saint Augustine's Sin (Augustine, Confessiones. Bk. 3.)

ISBN: 0670032417;
Издательство: Viking Adult
Страниц: 128

Amazon.comGarry Wills--Latin scholar, liberal Catholic apologist, historian, award-winning Augustine biographer, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author--is certainly one of the best qualified translators in America to render Saint Augustine's Confessiones for modern readers. With Saint Augustine's Sin Wills offers the third and perhaps most crucial volume of the translation (following Saint Augustine's Childhood and Saint Augustine's Memory ), and, with a small exception, his text remains lively, erudite, and contemporary while preserving the rhetorical games of the original. As in the earlier volumes, the supporting apparatus for the translation--almost two thirds of the slim book--allows Wills to open the literary and theological complexity of Augustine to new readers. In the introduction he declares that Augustine's titular sin is not sexual (as is often assumed), but, rather, is a gratuitous sin--a theft of pears committed with a group of young...

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