Обложка книги Harun Al-Rashid : And the Thousand and One Nights

Harun Al-Rashid : And the Thousand and One Nights

ISBN: 0863565506;
Издательство: Saqi Books
Страниц: 268

Book Description Known in the West as a cultural patron and as the ruler who sent exotic gifts to Charlemagne, Harun al-Rashid was also a soldier who waged war against the Byzantine empire, and a politician who often dealt ruthlessly with the religious and social revolts which threatened his far-flung kingdom. A symbol of the fabled Orient and the caliph portrayed in The Thousand and One Nights , he is shown living grandly in his palace in Baghdad, surrounded by his wives, concubines, musiciansand learned men, but is not merely a legendary figure. He was the son of a Yemenite slave who carved a path to power, very probably by poisoning the reigning caliph, her elder son. Harun reigned for a quarter of a century, and was the most famous caliph of the Abbasid dynasty. Through Arab chronicles, the author corrects our vision of 'Harun the Good', and gives a remarkable account of his development as a ruler of an empire that was shaken by religious and social insurrections. ...