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Marianne Dorman

Lancelot Andrewes: A Perennial Preacher Of The Post-reformation English Church

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ISBN: 1587363410
Издательство: Fenestra Books
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 152
"...Men may talk what they will, but sure there is no joy in the world to the joy of a man saved; no joy so great, no news so welcome, as to one ready to perish, in case of a lost man, to hear of one that will save him. In danger of perishing by sickness, to hear of one will make him well again; by sentence of the law, of one with a pardon to save his life; by enemies, of one that will rescue and set him in safety. Tell any of these, assure them but of a Saviour, it is the best news he ever heard in his life." Lancelot Andrewes, Christmas Day sermon, 1609 Lancelot Andrewes' life as a bishop spanned almost the length of the reign of James I. He became a regular preacher at Court for this monarch, as he had been for Elizabeth I. Indeed, James had some of Andrewes' sermons published shortly after hearing them in order to study them closer. This book contains a cross section of doctrinal and religious themes from Andrewes' sermons for reading and reflection.