Обложка книги Pelagius: Life and Letters

Pelagius: Life and Letters

ISBN: 0851157149; 9781405876926; 9780851157146;
Издательство: Boydell Press
Страниц: 552

Book DescriptionCollected together for the first time in one volume are the most important critical study of Pelagius to date, together with a selection of his letters. Arriving in Rome in the late 4th century, Pelagius soon acquired a considerable reputation as a reformer and spiritual adviser. In Palestine he became embroiled with Jerome and later with Augustine who had been alerted to the Pelagian threat to orthodox doctrine. Professor Rees here re-examines the evidence for the Pelagian controversy: `A judicious survey of the literature surrounding Pelagius and the movement associated with his name' CHURCH HISTORY (US). The second part of the book consists of Pelagius' letters, which provide the clearest and most succinct statements of Pelagian theology, but few of which have ever been translated into English before.Reissue; first published in two volumes as Pelagius: A Reluctant Heretic and The Letters of Pelagius and his Followers(The Boydell Press, 1991).

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