Обложка книги Swimming Upstream : The Inside Cries of a Child

Swimming Upstream : The Inside Cries of a Child

ISBN: 1413726720;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 244

Book DescriptionThis is the autobiographical account of the life of a child named Queen, who was born to a mother who hated her from the moment of conception and did not even acknowledge her as a daughter. This child was abused both physically and mentally, unlike her younger brother and sister, who were favored and pampered. The fatherless family lived in grinding poverty. The young girl had to grow up quickly. She was often the only one who was providing for the family. In spite of her position as a virtual slave to the others, Queen was not appreciated by any of them. Her young adult years as a mother and eventually a wife were no less tumultuous. In spite of her mother's tyrannical prohibition of her having any relationships with the opposite sex, Queen was raped while still a teenager and gave birth to her first child. The other men in her life, although they gave her children whom she loved very much, failed to provide her happiness and security. And always it seemed she could...