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Anthony David

The Patron : A Life of Salman Schocken, 1877-1959

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ISBN: 0805076891
Издательство: Owl Books
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 472
Book Description "Monumental, absorbing . . . David displays authority in research, honest grace in literary tone, and analytic brilliance." -The Forward The name Schocken-now primarily associated with the prestigious publishinghouse-was once emblazoned over a vast commercial empire; across Europe, it stood for quality consumer goods and uplifting culture made available for all. In a sweeping, colorful saga, historian Anthony David tells the fascinating story of Salman Shocken, Jewish philanthropic titan and founder of a large department-store chain. The Patron follows Schocken's transformation from an impoverished migrant salesman to a captain of German industry. Once he became a merchandizing millionaire, Shocken harnessed his fortune to a vision: to disseminate Jewish secular culture to the masses through publishing houses, newspapers, and support of such influential modern thinkers such as Martin Buber and Gershom Scholem. But as the Nazi...
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