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Brian Patrick McGuire

Jean Gerson And the Last Medieval Reformation

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ISBN: 0271027061
Издательство: Pennsylvania State University Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 441
Book DescriptionIn this biography of the noted French philosopher and theologian Jean Gerson, the first since 1929, Brian Patrick McGuire presents a compelling portrait of Gerson as a voice of reason and Christian humanism during a time of great intellectual and social tumult in the late Middle Ages. Born to a peasant father and mother in the county of Champagne, Gerson (1363?1429) was the first of twelve children. He overcame his modest beginnings to become a scholastic and vernacular theologian, a university intellectual, and a church reformer. McGuire shows us the turning points in Gerson?s life, including his crisis of faith after becoming chancellor of the University of Paris in 1395. Through these key moments, we see the deeper undercurrents of his mystical writings. With their rich display of spiritual and emotional life, these writings were to earn Gerson the appellation "doctor christianissimus." In turn, they would influence many later thinkers, including...