Обложка книги John Paul The Great: Maker Of The Post-conciliar Church

John Paul The Great: Maker Of The Post-conciliar Church

ISBN: 1860822231;
Издательство: Ignatius Press
Страниц: 186

Book DescriptionWilliam Oddie, Editor A distinguished list of Catholic writers present their unique insights on the extraordinary achievements of the 25 years of Pope John Paul II's pontificate. This prestigious group of writers make a strong case that this has not been merely an exceptional pontificate but one of the few epoch-making pontificates in Christian history. The nine writers include Aidan Nichols, O.P., John Saward, Rodger Charles, S.J., Ian Kerr, and Leonie Caldecott. This book establishes clearly that Pope John Paul II is not only an historical figure whose actions and personal qualities have effected one of the great turning points in human affairs, but he is also one of those rare beings who possesses the vision and intensity of focus thatcompel the authors to say not only that he is an exceptional pope, but something much more: that here, truly, is Joannes Paulus Magnus: John Paul the Great. Far from being a reactionary, this has been a pope of startling originality...