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Alex Molnar

Giving Kids the Business: The Commercialization of America's Schools

Обложка книги Giving Kids the Business: The Commercialization of America's Schools

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ISBN: 0-8133-9139-3
Издательство: Westview press
Страниц: 240
The commercialization of public education is upon us. With much fanfare and plenty of controversy, plans to cash in on our public schools are popping up all over the country. Educator and award-winning commentator Alex Molnar has written the first book to both document the commercial invasion of public education and explain its alarming consequences. "Giving Kids the Business" explains why hot-button proposals spell trouble for America's children. Some of them include: for-profit public schools run by companies such as the Edison Project and Education Alternatives, Inc.; taxpayer-financed vouchers for private schools; market-driven charter schools; Channel One, an advertising-riddled television program for schools; and the relentless interference of corporations in the school curriculum. Anyone interested in how schools are being turned into marketing vehicles, how education is being recast as a commercial transaction, and how children are being cultivated as a cash crop...