Обложка книги Pope John Paul II: Reflections on the Man

Pope John Paul II: Reflections on the Man

ISBN: 080914364X;
Издательство: Paulist Press
Страниц: 64

Book DescriptionThis brief and highly readable biography of Pope John Paul II commemorates a papal reign that lasted 27 years--behind only Pope Pius IX (and St. Peter). This gem of a book is destined to appeal to all Catholics and to the millions of fansand admirers of this pope around the world. Writing in a genial and evocative style, Walter Ziemba's small book summarizes the reign of John Paul II and captures the essence, personality, and heart of the teacher-mystic who is destined to be remembered by history as one of the most influential and beloved pontiffs of all time. The author examines the many themes of John Paul's writings, and looks at the diverse roles he has played as priest, teacher, philosopher, theologian, catechist, poet, diplomat, linguist, author, futurist, administrator, humanitarian, laborer, actor, sportsman, athlete, world pilgrim, and universal champion humanity. He also provides a chronology of the pope's many accomplishments and travels. While...