Обложка книги The Prisoner: An Invitation To Hope

The Prisoner: An Invitation To Hope

ISBN: 0809143011;
Издательство: Paulist Press
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionOn November 13, 1947, in Uniontown, PA, twenty-year-old Jim Townsend shot and killed his pregnant wife--a horrible crime that dominated front-page articles in the region. He was promptly convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. In THE PRISONER, Paul Everett explores the first two decades of Jim's life, which comprise a sadly familiar saga of abuse and brutality stemming from his dysfunctional family and the harsh juvenile correctional institutions in whichhe was incarcerated. Everett shows why, when confronted with a devastating problem in his marriage, Jim's temperament could only deal with the situation violently. However, while in prison, Jim experienced an extraordinary transformation due to God'slove and forgiveness. Jim's step-by-step process of healing and redemption led to an astounding change and transformation and resulted both in his release from prison and in a new life as a Capuchin Brother. In this new existence Jim...

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