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James McDonald

Gettyrama: Little Known Facts About J. Paul Getty and More

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ISBN: 0595282792
Издательство: Authors Choice Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 241
Book DescriptionJames McDonald has put his experiences over 60 years in the oil business into his book, Gettyrama . While an officer of Tidewater Associated Oil Co. (Flying A) he worked closely with George Getty, son of J. Paul Getty, and indirectly with J. Paul himself. In the first part of Gettyrama , he recites a number of "tales" about the Gettys which were not generally known outside of a few in the company. In the second part of the book, McDonald has included a number of articles, which were published in Pacific Oil World over a period of years when he was an editor of the publication. He had a vast experience in the industry, over 60 years, and is considered an expert in the industry both domestically and worldwide.