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Stephane Groueff

My Odyssey

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ISBN: 0595257097
Издательство: Writers Advantage
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 696
Book DescriptionIn 1944, when Communism devastated Eastern Europe, it uprooted millions, setting the new A?Displaced PersonsA? adrift, most often to a tragic fate. By unusual luck, young Stephane Groueff, a Bulgarian, landed on more hospitable shores. Spared from the destruction of his family and home after a happy, privileged childhood in a small Balkan kingdom, his eventful Odyssey threw him into the fascinating life of a A?Paris-MatchA? foreign correspondent, led him to romantic experiences lived against the backdrop of Montmartre nightclubs, Egyptian pyramids, opulent Irish castles or Alpine ski resorts and involved him in anti-Communist exile activities. The reader of his candid narrative finds the budding historian of the Manhattan Project at the side of general Groves, the maker of the atomic bomb, follows him as a chronicler of science research at oceanography expeditions in the Pacific, at the Mt.Palomar telescope or on...