Обложка книги Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson

ISBN: 1584153830;
Издательство: Mitchell Lane Publishers
Страниц: 32

It?s not easy growing up with a beautiful and talented older sister; Ashlee Simpson knows all about it. Her sister is Jessica Simpson, a popular entertainer and one of the stars of the reality TV series, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. For most of her life, Ashlee lived in the shade cast by Jessica?s shadow. Their parents were so focused on Jessica?s career that at times Ashlee had to resort to outrageous behavior to get attention. A gifted dancer, actor and singer-songwriter, Ashlee Simpson has worked hard to become recognized as a talented performer in her own right. With a multi-platinum CD, a hit reality TV show, and roles in movies and other television shows, Ashlee?s future is bright, and she can look ahead to a long career of many possibilities stretching before her.