Обложка книги The Sixteenth Minute: Life in the Aftermath of Fame

The Sixteenth Minute: Life in the Aftermath of Fame

ISBN: 1585423890;
Издательство: Tarcher
Страниц: 384

Amazon.comPopular culture's interest in celebrities who are no longer popular generally takes one of two forms. Either the formerly famous person is mercilessly mocked or they're treated with condescension and pity. In The Sixteenth Minute , authors Jeff Guinn and Douglas Perry choose a more interesting direction in profiling people whose proverbial 15 minutes have expired. The subjects, including Irene Cara of, ironically, Fame , wrestler-turned-novelist Mick Foley, and former Speaker of theHouse Jim Wright, are left to speak for themselves and discuss what may have brought them to celebrity, what caused them to subsequently fade, and what they intend to do next. In between the individual profiles, the authors take on one of the weirder rises to fame of the 20th century: Melvin Dummar, the aspiring entertainer from Utah listed as a beneficiary in a will purported to be from the late billionaire Howard Hughes. Life in the 16th minute is not the same for everyone. Cara...