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James Travers

JAMES I : The Masque of Monarchy (English Monarchs Treasures from the National Archives)

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ISBN: 1903365562
Издательство: Public Record Office / National Archives
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 128
Book DescriptionFew monarchs have ascended the English throne amid as much eulogy and rejoicing as James I when he came to his English kingdom in 1603. There was good reason for it. James brought a ready-made, legitimate dynasty to a nation which had spent much of the previous century agonizing about the succession. The eulogies continued throughout his reign and after his death. However, for every line of flattery there was also one of malicious gossip, and this mixture has made his reign difficult to evaluate fairly. The popular view of James today is likely to be negative, focused on his personal habits such as his stutter, his extravagant spending, and his demonstrative homo- sexual behavior, rather than his competence as King. This book looks beneath the flattery and above the gossip by going back to the firsthand evidence: original papers and letters held at The National Archives. A lively narrative sets this unique material in context and provides a fresh, balanced...