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Alexander the Great

ISBN: 0802141498;
Издательство: Grove Press
Страниц: 461

Book DescriptionA sagacious ruler and a volatile, often violent commander, a sensuous youth and paradigm of chastity, Alexander the Great of Macedonia remains one of the most fascinating and contradictory figures in world history. Son of King Phillip andthe tempestuous Queen Olympia, educated by Aristotle himself, Alexander the Great led a swift succession of military victories that gave him an empire extending from Greece to India. From his first conquest in northern Greece at the age of sixteen, to victories over Macedonia, Egypt, Persia, and Asia, Alexander possessed almost inhuman energy and hubris that defied Zeus himself, until his death at the age of thirty-two. Alexander the Great is an epic history of a man who became one of the most heralded rulers and despised geniuses of all time.

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