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Donna Deeprose

How to Recognize & Reward Employees

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Серия: The WorkSmart Series
ISBN: 0-8144-7832-8
Издательство: AMACOM
Страниц: 112
Recognizing and rewarding employees isn't just a "nice thing to do". It's also a powerful morale and productivity booster-when done correctly. This latest WorkSmart guide offers 10 guidelines for developing formal programs and informal behaviors. It also describes 100 ways to recognize and reward employees-many of them for very little money. Packed with exercises, self-tests, and sidebars, the book shows readers how they can: - improve employee morale, productivity, and quality of work; - inspire high and low performers, as well as teams, to do the best possible job; - use the right reward for the accomplishment or situation and avoid rewards that don't work; - make recognition and reward systems fair.