Обложка книги England's Boy King: The Diary of Edward Vi, 1547-1553

England's Boy King: The Diary of Edward Vi, 1547-1553

ISBN: 190504304X;
Издательство: Ravenhall Books
Страниц: 176

Book DescriptionIn January 1547 a nine-year-old boy was proclaimed king of England. The young, king, Edward VI, was the son of Henry VIII and all the power which that ruler had eagerly amassed found itself in the youthful hands of a frail and sickly child. That child, England's boy king, would last just six years on the throne before dying of tuberculosis and taking the hopes of many with him to the grave. Throughout Edward's short reign the young ruler kept a journal, a detailed diary recounting events in his kingdom. It is a fascinating record of Tudor England through the eyes of its monarch. The diary narrates all the momentous events in the young king's life but also observes the wider world, noting down news from England and keeping a watchful eye on Ireland, Scotland and mainland Europe. The diary makes for a wonderful chronicle of Tudor life. Edward reveals an increasing awareness as his reign progresses, showing an interest in religious reform, commerce and...