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Alan D. Abbey

Journey of Hope: The Story of Ilan Ramon, Israel's First Astronaut

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ISBN: 9652293164
Издательство: Gefen Publishing House
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 64
Book Description"Columbia is lost; there are no survivors" -President George W. Bush, February 1, 2003. In 1995, President Bill Clinton announced that a future NASA space shuttle flight would carry an Israeli astronaut. In January 2003, that promise was fulfilled when Colonel Ilan Ramon, a decorated and heroic Israeli Air Force pilot, was part of the crew of space shuttle Columbia, flight STS-107. Two weeks after it was launched, within minutes of its scheduled landing, the ship disintegrated, killing all seven astronauts aboard. This book chronicles the selection, training, flight, and death of Ilan Ramon, Israel?s first astronaut, over a seven-year period. Ramon was the child of a Holocaust survivor and of parents who came to Israel tobuild new lives. He personified the best of Israel: a family man, a committed Israeli, a proud Jew, a war hero, and, as well, a quiet, modest person. Journey of Hope captures the drama, humor, and humanity of the life and death of...