Обложка книги A Woman Ahead of Her Time

A Woman Ahead of Her Time

ISBN: 1882943198;
Издательство: Coastal Villages Press
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionMaida Herman Solomon (1891 - 1988) has been recognized as a pioneer among a very small group of social work professionals who "invented" the field of psychiatric social work. She oversaw its definition, its development of standards, and its integration with other institutions of modern American medicine and education, and helped to found the profession of psychiatric social work. Not to be minimized was her stance as a role model for women in the mid-twentieth century in the way she combined her work as Professor of Social Economy at the Simmons College School of Social Work with her role as wife and mother. As a result, she made it possible for her students and later her social work colleagues, to integrate their career ambitions with family by advocating a part-time program at Simmons, as well as part-time social work research programs in the mental health setting.