Обложка книги Abundant Life: Benjamin Ide Wheeler

Abundant Life: Benjamin Ide Wheeler

ISBN: 0766161463;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 424

Book Description1926. For twenty years Benjamin Ide Wheeler served as president of the University of California. During these years great changes occurred in the field of university education; many of them were the inevitable result of altered conditionsin the life of the nation and of changes in the conception of a university and, as a consequence, in the composition of the student bodies themselves. It must be conceded that of a considerable number of these developments at one important university, President Wheeler was a great part. Because of his many notable contributions to the University of California, because of the wide range of his interests, and because of the felicity with which he chose the apt word, his friends deemed it appropriate to select from the long list of his writings and addresses those that best express his ideas in a number of the fields in which his mind ranged, and gather them together in this volume.