Обложка книги Crossing Silver Creek: Narratives of Truth, Beauty and Goodness

Crossing Silver Creek: Narratives of Truth, Beauty and Goodness

ISBN: 1553958543;
Издательство: Not Avail
Страниц: 85

Book DescriptionCrossing Silver Creek is a collection of personal narratives that create a story cloth of poetic prose. These narratives are sewn together with the common thread that truth, beauty and goodness can be found in the most unlikely places, from the crustaceans that lurk beneath the surface of a creek to the feelings that are dredged from events long passed. Crossing Silver Creek is an honest journey through the events of one person's life beginning with childhood and the doldrums of summer, and stopping along the way for discovery, reconciliation, and celebration. Like any journey, within the pages of this text are hidden moments of clarity, moments that guide and direct the author past some of the most difficult roadblocks. The author explores these moments and invites the reader to share in them. Crossing Silver Creek will challenge readers to look at life and to see the truth beauty and goodness that lies therein. More than just a collection of narratives, this...