Обложка книги The Teacher's Voice

The Teacher's Voice

ISBN: 1571973389;
Издательство: Pentland Press (NC)
Страниц: 65

Book DescriptionTeaching is a profession that demands massive amounts of energy, love, determination and patience. Yet, despite all of these qualities comes a lack of understanding from our society about the struggles of the teacher; the decisions that have to be made, children who need more guidance, and the hours spent researching ways to meet the needs of every child through constructing and implementing lesson plans and evaluation. A poignant collection of essays, short stories and poems, "A Teacher?s Voice" gives light to a profession that gives so much and expects little in return. From stories focusing on the school nurse to a little boy whose silent generosity touched a whole classroom, Lennie Tucker writes her stories in a melodious manner, telling the tale of a kindergarten teacher who loves her job and her students.

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