Обложка книги The Test

The Test

ISBN: 0870136488;
Издательство: Michigan State University Press
Страниц: 248

Book DescriptionWorld renowned economist and president of Michigan State University, Walter Adams first published The Test in 1971, a year after his tenure as president ended. Adams recounts the tumlutuous nine months of his office. As the first university president to follow the legendary John Hannah, Adams inherited the unease and resentments that had been quietly swelling under seemingly calm administrative waters. These resentments, coupled with the increased social awareness generated by sixties activism combined in an explosive protest during the fall of 1969. With gripping honesty and clarity, The Test not only chronicles the events, but offers an indictment of those institutional structures that ignored very real social concerns in favor of esoteric academic pursuits. By examining the perspectives of all the participants, Adams presents new directions for the growth and development of university communities. Both a thoughtful analysis and eyewitness account, The Test presents...

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