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Laurie Stapleton

Against A White Sky: A Memoir Of Closets And Classrooms

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ISBN: 0972645985
Издательство: Artemispress
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 208
Book DescriptionIn Against a White Sky, Laurie Stapleton reveals her experiences with honesty and humor as a gay high school teacher in an "All-American" city. Having spent most of her young adult life in Santa Cruz, California ? a beach town accepting of its large lesbian community ? Laurie relocates to the more conservative San Joaquin Valley to enroll in an accelerated teacher credentialing program. There, Laurie discovers that she is the only woman who regularly (well, always) wears slacks.She decides she?d better change the way she dresses, walks and talks to feel socially comfortable ? and maybe even safe. Laurie becomes certified to teach public high school within a year. Mindful of recent bouts with poverty and low self-esteem, she accepts the first teaching offer she receives ? a public high school deeper in the heart of the valley, in a city voted "All-American." Her relocation doesn?t sit too well with Laurie?s girlfriend back in...