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Lois Benjamin

Dreaming No Small Dreams: William R. Harvey's Visionary Leadership

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ISBN: 1930819315
Издательство: Tapestry Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 374
Book Description"In 1868, the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute opened its doors under the leadership of its twenty-nine-year-old founder, General Samuel Chapman Armstrong. In spite of a proud history, social movements and the national economy had brought the institute to the brink of disaster 110 years later when William R. Harvey was appointed president. Brushing aside suggestions that the institute abandon its program of higher education and reconstitute itself as a preparatory school, Harvey began by dreaming dreams that were both big and infectious. Twenty-five years later, the successes are extraordinary. The institute became a university, sixty four new academic programs were established, the endowment fund has grown to more than six times its 1978 level, the budget has been rescued from a sea of red ink and is now cruising safely in the black, fourteen new building that have been raised and all the old ones spiffed up. Among other such achievements is an...