Обложка книги Teaching Amidst the Neon Palm Trees

Teaching Amidst the Neon Palm Trees

ISBN: 1403331863;
Издательство: Authorhouse
Страниц: 220

Book DescriptionLee Miller was a popular young professor in Las Vegas who thought he was on the fast-track to tenure. He had created an innovative study abroad program with the help of a distinguished U.S. senator, and had found funding for needy students wishing to participate. It was just his first year at the college, and the newspapers already had reported on his work. Little did he know that someone had other plans for the money earmarked for the needy students ? someone who would stop at nothing to crush Miller?s plans. This true story reads like a novel. Miller weaves an amusing tale of teaching at a community college in "Sin City" with the unpredictable twists and turns of a scandal involving some of the most powerful figures inthe state ? a scandal that threatens to end the careers of several administrators at the college.