Обложка книги No Borders : A Journalist's Search for Home

No Borders : A Journalist's Search for Home

ISBN: 0060938269;
Издательство: Rayo
Страниц: 352

Book Description Never before has Jorge Ramos, one of broadcast journalism's most influential personalities, let readers into so personal a space. From the lovers he's had throughout his life to his passion for journalism to his own sense of fulfillment, Ramos allows us to intimately know a man we've trusted to deliver the news for years. Ramos details his struggle as a student living in L.A. in the early 1980s, his first foray into American journalism, and the English-language establishment that told him he would amount to nothing if he didn't lose his accent. Ramos then invites us into the early days of Spanish-language news and media -- an industry that most early critics thought was useless and irrelevant -- whose now skyrocketing popularityhas made it a powerful player in American culture. With insight into the many wars he has covered, the places he has seen, and the world leaders he has interviewed, this is the powerful memoir of a man whose search and ambition...