Обложка книги The Biker Who Shot Me : Recollections of a Crime Reporter

The Biker Who Shot Me : Recollections of a Crime Reporter

ISBN: 0771008783;
Издательство: McClelland & Stewart
Страниц: 232

Book DescriptionOn September 13, 2000, Michel Auger was walking away from his car in a parking lot across the street from the offices of Le Journal de Montreal when he was shot in the back six times. Miraculously, although at least one bulletlodged in his spine, no vital organs were damaged. Auger was on his feet again within weeks, and able to resume his normal life. The practice of journalism is dangerous in many parts of the world. But in Canada? The idea that an assassin would attempt to take the life of a journalist because of something he wrote is almost unthinkable. Either a deadly new threat has appeared on the scene or Michel Auger has learned something that is truly dangerous to know. Or perhaps both propositions are true. Michel Auger has been a crime reporter for some 30 years. He has covered mafia trials and corruption scandals, notorious murders and government inquiries. What he has seen and recorded has ranged from the sordid to the bizarre. He...