Обложка книги Thomas Davis & Ireland: A Biographical Study

Thomas Davis & Ireland: A Biographical Study

ISBN: 0813213037;
Издательство: Catholic University of America Press
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionThomas Davis (1814-1845) was a leading figure in the ?Young Ireland? movement of the 1840s. With Charles Gavan Duffy and John Blake Dillon, he created the influential weekly newspaper "Nation" in an effort to support Daniel O?Connell?s campaign to repeal the Act of Union. A man of great political and literary promise, he died at only thirty-one; his early death left many questions unanswered about his thoughts and aspirations. His first biography, written by his friendand collaborator Duffy, was published in 1890, and is an invaluable source for Davis?s life and his part in the Irish nationalist struggle. Duffy?s work was as well a eulogy, presenting Davis in so favorable a light that he seems at times unreal. To provide a more thorough, objective portrait of Davis, respected historian Helen F. Mulvey here presents a scholarly examination of Davis?s life and thoughts. Throughout this engaging narrative, Mulvey covers the...