Обложка книги Memoirs of a Media Maverick

Memoirs of a Media Maverick

ISBN: 1896357806;
Издательство: Between the Lines(CA)
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionAn insider's critical account of modern media. Richardson tells the fascinating story of his work, starting in 1945, as a journalist and filmmaker in New Zealand, Australia, India, Britain, and Canada. From the first, he found himself out of synch with the commercial ethos of the mainstream media; yet, as his career propelled him across the world, he became sympathetic to the pressures and changes within his field -- though still devoted to higher goals. He once said: ?Although I have worked in the media most of my life, in a wide variety of functions, my distaste for it has grown with every year, until today I have no hesitation in describing it as appalling.? A prolific author and film director, Richardson's work has focused on Aboriginal peoples, the environment, and human rights.