Обложка книги Small Matters : A Year in Writing

Small Matters : A Year in Writing

ISBN: 0595335772;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 128

Book Description An excerpt from the short story The Lemon Festival The whole trip turns out to be fun, though, a flashback to Leave it to Beaver land. Whether history happened like a 50s sitcom hardly matters as I stand listeningto the country twang of a good band--the beer garden to my left and a two-story giant Icee booth to my right. The Lemon Festival is, in fact, well-organized. Families with strollers are everywhere. Couples have come after church: women in their floral dresses, men in their dark polyester slacks and dress shoes. The couples browse the booths and sip lemonade. Mothers in sun visors and matching flip-flops lather their children in sun screen. The children scream and pull away. A brigade of young men in construction yellow t-shirts, Volunteer Ministers their t-shirts say, work the crowd with religious brochures. In Small Matters , columnist Joe Woodward delivers a one-year slice of life in the Los Angeles suburbs with this...