Обложка книги May It Please the Court: A Lawyer's War Stories

May It Please the Court: A Lawyer's War Stories

ISBN: 1555177301;
Издательство: Bonneville Books
Страниц: 116

Book DescriptionOn any given day, thousands of cases are pending in the nation?s courts. A few are well-known, and many are routine. But in between, great personal dramas play out before breathless juries, who may be the only people ever to hear thecase before them. The rows of courtroom pews are empty, except for a mere handful of people?the parties to the case. Join this personal injury lawyer in his conquests both in and out of the courtroom as he struggles to right the wrongs of an imperfect society and to speak for those who sometimes can?t speak for themselves. Compelling stories involving reckless drivers, random acts of violence, prescription drugs with tragic side-effects, falsified police reports, incorrect autopsy reports and much more will grab your interest and give you an amazing glimpse into the world of our nation?s courts.

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