Обложка книги As Sweet As It Gets: A Diabetic's Story

As Sweet As It Gets: A Diabetic's Story

ISBN: 088739390X;
Издательство: Creative Arts Book Company
Страниц: 182

Book Description As Sweet As It Gets: A Diabetic's Story begins with the onset of diabetes at age eighteen and chronicles the ever-present effects of the condition on ordinary life experiences. Realistic and thought-provoking, this first-person account expresses the emotional and mental effects of the disease, which has impacted every aspect of the author's existence for over 30 years. Robert W. Thompson, Jr. shares his interpersonal relationships such as marriage and fatherhood, and the prematuredeath of four individuals: a brother killed in a car accident at age 22, cousin Greg who suffered from schizophrenia and died at 34, a close friend who succumbed to emphysema, and a former roommate who died during a liver transplant operation. Given their own set of obstacles, choices and life experiences, any reader can relate to Thompson's story of survival.