Обложка книги Cyclamens from Galilee: Memoirs of a Physician from Nazareth

Cyclamens from Galilee: Memoirs of a Physician from Nazareth

ISBN: 0595303048;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 380

Book DescriptionAround the middle of the sixteenth century, Palestine became part of the Ottoman Empire. With the dawn of the 20th century and throughout its course, drastic events were happening in relatively rapid succession. World War One was the first of those events and it resulted eventually in changing the political face of the region. The ensuing thirty years of British mandate over Palestine provided the stage for change in the geopolitical, economic and sociodemographic profiles of the land. The Second World War came and hastened the cataclysm that brought about the state of Israel. This major historical event created ripples that have at times turned into violent waves disturbing the waters of the whole region and occasionally the wider world. The ‘Arab Israeli’ conflict will remain with us for God knows how long. The author was serving his hometown during the period of turmoil, great adversity and resulting change. As pediatrician in Nazareth, he was close to...