Обложка книги Diabetes / My Life

Diabetes / My Life

ISBN: 1412011973;
Издательство: Not Avail
Страниц: 163

Book DescriptionI have written Diabetes / My Life with emotions from the deepest recesses of my heart, and have shared my innermost feelings and fears of being an insulin dependent diabetic for over half of my life. I would be foolish to try and tell you that I am not afraid of this disease, because I am. Every little ache, pain, twitch or strange feelings makes me wonder what is happening now?? Where wil this lead me, and what can, and will, I be able to do about it. While there still is no cure for this chronic illness, I sincerely hope that you, or your loved ones, can learn and benefit from my experiences. There is an abundance of material available that has been written by physicians, educators, dieticians, etc...But, there is nothing to compare with the personal side of this chronic illness....as can be written by someone who has walked along the same path that you are headed down... Diabetes / My Life - Patient's Perspective

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